Artwork Guidelines


All artworks need to be submitted with a 2 mm bleed around the edge, this will enable us to cut the printed sheets accurately and will avoid any white lines around the finished product. Please see the graphic below to get an idea of the bleed areas and the basic document layout. Unfortunately we can not accept any black or white border around the artwork as sufficient bleed as all background colors and images need to be stretched out right to the edge.


















CMYK Color Mode

All artwork must be supplied in CMYK color mode (Cyan / Magenta / Yellow / Black), in which all colors are described as a mixture of these four process colors. If you submit artwork in the RGB color mode (Red / Green / Blue) then this might lead to color variations on the finished product, as this mode is only suitable for monitor presentations.


Please set up your artwork with a minimum resolution of at least 300dpi (dpi = dots per inch) in order to avoid pixelation when printing. All poster artwork greater than A4 can be supplied with a lower resolution of at least 150dpi.

File Formats

We can only accept "closed" file formats such as JPG, TIF, or PDF files.